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I started Arboreta Nurseries in 1988 after finishing my studies as a horticulturist at the Cape Technicon. My father gave me a piece of land on his farm above our ‘plaaswerf’ where I started growing tomatoes, beans and cucumbers in a tunnel, soon expanding to a second tunnel. Gem squash produced in the open ground next to the tunnels. I sold my produce throughout the Wellington community.

Dad built a shade house and two small heated propagation tunnels for propagating ornamental plants, mainly Bougainvillea for 10kg production. Growing ornamental and citrus trees in 20kg soon followed and this was distributed throughout the Western Cape.

The next big step was acquiring seventeen hectares of land in 1997, next to the Berg River.

I am currently still expanding my business on a day to day basis with the help of My Team

– Greta Empedocles

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